3 Things You Must Do Before You Have an Abortion

Helpful things to know if you’re considering abortion.

Women who are seeking abortion options should be aware of laws meant to protect you. Specifically, if you want to know where to get an abortion in Birmingham, be aware that abortion in the State of Alabama is only available under certain circumstances.

A young woman receives an ultrasound and sees her baby on screen

Get a pregnancy ultrasound.

A pregnancy ultrasound is a medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves. It confirms that you are pregnant by detecting the baby’s heartbeat. It will also tell you how far along you are in your pregnancy.

In most situations, you need to have an ultrasound before you can get an abortion.

Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center offers free and confidential ultrasounds.

Request an appointment by completing the online appointment form, calling (205) 252-0706, or texting (205) 234-2448.

Young women consults with medical team about pregnancy test

Wait during a waiting period.

Many young women begin to feel differently about their pregnancy after their ultrasound. To give you enough time to make the best decision for yourself, even when not required by law, consider a waiting period before completing the abortion procedure.

While waiting, many women find it helpful to talk with someone. Our professional counselors at Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center are available to listen and help you with any emotions you are feeling. Our counseling sessions are free and confidential.

What to do before getting abortion pills.

Know what’s going to happen.

Abortion clinics are required to explain the procedure to you so that you fully understand what will happen to you and your unborn baby. Whether you are considering a medical (pill) or surgical abortion, the procedure will come with certain risks. Abortion clinics must explain the risks to you while they also tell you what will happen to the baby.

In the State of Alabama, there are legal restrictions on when you can have an abortion. Have all your questions answered by making a free and confidential appointment with Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center.

Did you know?

Everything we offer is free to you.
Everything we do for you is confidential.

Don’t let a lack of insurance, fear, or anyone around you prevent you from getting the information and pregnancy care you deserve. We are here for you.

We are here for you.

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may have questions. You’re not alone, let us help you.

Pregnancy is an emotional time for young women, regardless of your circumstances. For some, it’s a time of fear. If you’re not sure how to handle this situation, you may be overwhelmed. You may feel hopeless. That’s why young women may look for help in their smartphones by searching for “abortion clinic near me.”

But you’ve also seen the other side of this experience. For some, this is a time of joy as they think about their baby and the life growing inside. Please know, you also have the right to feel joyful about your baby.

You can get support. If you’re pregnant or think you may be, we’re here to help. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help or don’t have access to medical care, contact us.

While meeting and speaking with women facing an unplanned pregnancy in Birmingham and the surrounding communities, we hear a lot of questions. Visit our common questions page or request a free and confidential appointment at our facility located in downtown Birmingham. We’ll here to help you work through your options.

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