Other Services

Free Referrals/Community Assistance

Referrals to physicians and health care facilities can be provided for those who need follow-up medical care or STD testing. Referrals to agencies that provide services such as financial assistance, food and clothing, shelter and child care are also available.

Pregnancy Options Education

Our client advocates provide factual information about pregnancy options: parenting, adoption and abortion to help women choose safe solutions that best meet their needs. An adoption specialist is available to explore making an adoption plan.

Earn While You Learn Program

Pregnant clients can participate in a series of Earn While You Learn classes and earn “mommy money” to buy baby items from our Petals Boutique. Classes provide information about nutrition and health, child birth, parenting skills, relationship skills and more.

Surrendering the Secret Post-Abortion Recovery Group

Emotional support and counseling are available for all women and men who have been affected from an abortion experience.

Sexual Integrity Program

A series of classes held in a small group setting where each person will learn how to express the gift of sexuality throughout their lives in a true, excellent, honest and pure way, be empowered and educated to make healthier choices with her body and see that in order to have true happiness (Joy), one needs to choose to live at a higher level of behavior and thoughts.